Lion Mountain Media offer high-end drones capable of 4K RAW filming with fully licensed drone pilots. We have over six years of experience working within the drone industry, specialising in wildlife and commercial cinematography.

Lion Mountain Media by industry-leading Film and Documentary filmmaker Peter Lamberti produces for the big names in the industry such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Channel and major production houses.

The company is equipped for UltraHD filming and editing and has 20 years of experience producing world-class productions. Our trained R.O.C. accredited S.A.C.A.A. registered pilots, utilising the latest drones and drone technology, has specialised knowledge regarding processes, permits, insurances, etc.

Our focus extends beyond tv and film. If you need a video for your corporate website or selling a property, general asset verification or fire damage assessment and live streaming, give us a call, we will have a solution for you.