Lion Mountain Media offers one of the premier post-production facilities in Johannesburg, South Africa, featuring a comprehensive set of tools and facilities to cater to any HD and 4K workflow or delivery.


Supported by its own extensive list of cinematography tools, Lion Mountain Media boasts several Sony, RED and Blackmagic 4K to 12K UltraHD camera kits, Phantom High-Speed Camera kits, 4K capable drones with skilled pilots and a variety of zoom and prime lenses for both UltraHD and HD acquisition.

Lion Mountain Media has successfully delivered UltraHD and UHD HDR content to several international broadcasters and continually strive to deliver to the highest international broadcast standards.


  • 8x 4K UHD capable Offline Avid edit suites
  • 12x High-Definition Offline Avid edit suites
  • 2 High-Definition Avid Online edit suites with Sony HD Broadcast monitors and equipped with Baselight for Avid
  • One 4K UHD Avid Online edit suite with Sony 4K Broadcast monitor and equipped with Baselight for Avid
  • 2 Surround Sound Audio Post Production Facilities
  • A fully supported Duplications department
  • An in-house Graphics department
  • High-speed digital delivery via Aspera anywhere in the world